Chuayuco Steel Manufacturing Corporation was founded on the vision of a dynamic and progressive Philippines. Keeping at pace with ever changing times, it has established itself as one of the leading galvanizers in the country today. Its corporate goals are aimed not only to test, but to set the standards in a fast-paced, value-oriented market.

Chuayuco Steel is one of first to adapt a continuous line production system in Asia. It recognizes however, that innovation of technology, as opposed to mere application is the key to its competitive edge. This approach has given its products the edge in lock forming quality. This attribute allows its galvanized sheets to be bent or folded up to 180 degrees without any chipping or flaking.

Aside from technological prowess, the company also attributes its success to its unwavering dedication to consumer satisfaction. This selfsame dedication also focuses on responsible manufacturing. The debilitating impact of modern technology on the environment has never been lost in its sight. Therefore provisions for an efficient waste management system have been present from the companyís inception. Ecological safety was never a secondary priority.

Chuayuco Steelís commitment to quality and excellence is evident in the various steps taken to insure that its galvanizing process is up to world quality standards. The following summary briefly explains the purpose of each procedure in the said process. First, the base steel is degreased twice to rid it of residual grease. Then an acid bath rids it of impurities such as rust and other oxides. Subsequently, the material is dipped in molten zinc. After which, air-wiping is then applied to guarantee a smooth, uniform zinc coating from end to end. The coatings provide a long lasting, corrosion-free, high performance end product. Afterwards, the material is air and water cooled, leveled, and consequently chromated for the prevention of white rust during transit or storage.